Overcome Decongestant  Nasal Spray Addiction
Without The Discomfort & Rebound Congestion
Associated With Other Withdrawal Protocols

Since 1999, our patented system has been helping people all over the world comfortably
withdraw from OTC decongestants.  We are an A+ Rated Company specializing in this problem.
United States Patent # 5,988,870   

Rhinostat is a dosage titration system which can allow you to comfortably wean yourself from decongestant nasal sprays.

In 1999, Rhinostat Systems was awarded a patent for it's gradual titration system.  Since then, tens of thousands of individuals have weaned themselves using the
Rhinostat System Kit.

Rhinitis Medicamentosa (RM) is the medical term for decongestant nasal spray addiction due to rebound congestion.

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Are you currently addicted to nasal sprays?

Learn about how Rhinostat can help you to overcome your dependence without the congestion & suffering.

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